Carmine Petraglia verlässt die Adler Modemärkte AG

Carmine Petraglia verlässt die Adler Modemärkte AG

Haibach, Berlin, 10. November 2021. Carmine Petraglia, für die Bereiche Sales und Marketing verantwortlicher Vorstand der Adler Modemärkte AG, hat sich dazu entschieden, das Unternehmen zu verlassen, um sich neuen unternehmerischen Aufgaben zu widmen. Er legt daher sein Amt mit sofortiger Wirkung nieder.

The Adler Modemärkte AG hatte vor dem Hintergrund der Corona-bedingten Betriebsschließungen Insolvenz in Eigenverwaltung angemeldet und das Insolvenzverfahren am 31. August 2021 nur zwei Monate nach Eröffnung wieder beendet. Seit dem 1. September 2021 gehört das Unternehmen vollständig zur Berliner Time Freight Group.

Karsten Odemann verbleibt damit als alleiniger Vorstand im Unternehmen und leitet die Adler Modemärkte künftig allein. Sein Vorstandsvertrag wird verlängert. Er wird dabei operativ unterstützt von Zeitfracht Vorstand Wolfram Simon-Schröter, der Mode-Managerin Melody Harris-Jensbach, sowie dem Mode-Retail-Spezialisten Frank Beeck als Vertreter der neuen Eigentümer.

In der Neuausrichtung des Unternehmens konnte Zeitfracht mehr als 2600 Arbeitsplätze nachhaltig retten und fast 140 der 160 Modemärkte in Deutschland, in Österreich, in der Schweiz und in Luxemburg erhalten. Für die Zukunft sind eine zusätzliche stärkere Forcierung des Online-Geschäfts, Optimierungen bei den angebotenen Textilprodukten und eine Erweiterung des Sortiments vorgesehen. Wesentliche strategische Weichenstellungen dafür wurden bereits während der Insolvenz-Phase gestellt.

Wolfram Simon-Schröter, Aufsichtsratsvorsitzender der Adler Modemärkte AG: „Wir danken Carmine Petraglia ausdrücklich für seine hervorragenden Leistungen und Verdienste für das Unternehmen und respektieren seinen Wunsch, sich neuen unternehmerischen Aufgaben zu widmen. Er hat in den vergangenen Monaten mit viel Engagement wesentlich dazu beigetragen, dass das Unternehmen auch in einer sehr schwierigen Phase auf Kurs bleibt und anschließend die Neuausrichtung mit dem neuen Eigentümer Zeitfracht sehr unterstützt.“

ZEITFRACHT is a modern, medium-sized family business in its third generation with around 6,200 employees and its headquarters in Berlin. As a logistics service provider, the company has been firmly established in the national and international logistics industry for over 90 years. It has made a name for itself in Europe as one of the leading providers of system transport. Other core competencies include fulfilment, media logistics and retail logistics. In addition, ZEITFRACHT has developed into a group of companies that also offers products and services in the areas of aviation, marine, building services and consulting.

Being open, taking responsibility, showing respect and achieving the highest quality – ZEITFRACHT is the preferred service provider for system transport in Germany and Europe for its customers through reliable performance, partnership, innovation and added value. Our success is based on quality, trust, respect, openness and transparency, team spirit as well as the responsibility and involvement of everyone in our group of companies. Our corporate values determine our daily work, the way we meet challenges and deal with our employees, customers and business partners.

Our commitment to quality is central to our business. The high standard we have achieved is the result of this self-image and at the same time an obligation: we measure our behaviour and performance against the highest standards. This applies to every employee within his or her area of responsibility. In order to achieve the highest quality standards, we are constantly working on optimising our processes and structures for the benefit of our customers. This applies to our services as well as to our products and our management.

Our relationships are guided by a spirit of partnership, mutual support and a shared understanding of trusting cooperation. We stand up for each other and loyally support decisions made. In doing so, we work closely together in partnership and support each other. We solve problems together and constructively, because partnership enables us to move many things.

Our employees, their individual skills and their commitment are our most valuable asset. Each and every one of us bears responsibility for his or her area of responsibility and our common goals. In order to achieve these reliably and bindingly, we attach great importance to the involvement of our employees in our plans. Our actions are always based on partnership, employee and customer orientation. In order to meet the demands of the market at all times, we remain innovative and are constantly developing. Responsibility determines our entrepreneurial actions.

Trust is the basis of our work and our daily interaction. We strive for a long-term cooperation with our employees, customers and cooperation partners that is based on trust and includes security and reliability. Trust thrives on credibility, transparency and authenticity, which we show to our employees and business partners. In return, we commit ourselves to the utmost care and responsibility. Last but not least, our decades of success are based on our experience, because experience gives security and security creates trust. We earn and maintain this trust through honesty and reliable performance. What we promise, we keep.

Our actions are justified, comprehensible and transparent. The management and the supervisors on site communicate our strategy and our goals clearly and understandably for everyone. In this way, we promote the participation of all employees and support goal-oriented action throughout the company. Transparency makes our actions understandable, creates reliability and mutual trust.

Mutual respect is the basis of our cooperation: we treat everyone with respect, tolerance and without prejudice. Every employee, regardless of their position, is equally valuable and deserves the same appreciation. Respecting the role, achievements and experiences of each individual is therefore something we demand of everyone: everyone treats others as they would like to be treated. This attitude ensures humanity and consideration in a company committed to success.

Openness and trust are part of our corporate culture and the basis of our employee, partner and customer relationships. We cultivate a corporate culture of mutual dialogue: We always act and communicate honestly and objectively. We accept different opinions, deal with them constructively and encourage our employees and business partners to address their concerns and ideas openly and directly. We see constructive criticism as an incentive for innovation and further development. Such active and open communication facilitates cooperation and prevents conflicts. It contributes to a positive working atmosphere and creates a climate of mutual trust.








Special ships




Real Estate

ZEITFRACHT can look back on a varied history spanning more than 90 years.


Horst Walter Schröter was born on 2 May 1927 in Stendal in the Altmark region. In the same year, his father, master butcher Walter Schröter, founds a haulage business to offer a feed trade for the region. The young Horst Walter grows up among the lorries and buses of the fast-developing haulage company. A time full of formative experiences.


With the start of the Second World War, it’s all over: on 1 August, the Schröters‘ entire fleet of vehicles is confiscated for the war effort.


After the end of the war, a new beginning begins. The Schröters assembled new motor vehicles and buses from war-damaged lorries, the remains of which were found on the banks of the Elbe. According to the motto: „Make one out of four“, 17 vehicles are built in this way.

The haulage business begins to roll again and from 1949 a regular service between Berlin and Stendal is established in the newly founded GDR.


The GDR expropriates the Schröter haulage company. The reason: during a state inspection, 312 litres of diesel were found to be too much in the Schröter fleet. A difference to the official figures for which Walter Schröter is sent to prison.

Horst Walter Schröter no longer sees any prospects in Stendal. He flees to the American sector in West Berlin. On the night of 12 December he breaks through the border checkpoint at Glienicke Bridge with a friend and two trucks. His wife and daughter follow him a short time later.


Having arrived in West Berlin, 24-year-old Horst Walter Schröter ventures a new start with his wife. At a time when car yards – the birthplaces of long-distance transport – were springing up like mushrooms in West Germany, they became one of the main hubs for the distribution of long-distance transport orders.


The Schröter haulage company grows with the variety of products to be transported. Horst Walter Schröter knows that he has to leave the enclave of West Berlin if his company is to grow any further. Schröter now focuses on long-distance transport.

The breakthrough comes with an order from the German company Nativ AG: empty gas cylinders for lorries with LPG engines are to be collected, filled in Kassel and delivered to the filling stations in the greater Hanover area.

Since then, growth-oriented post-war Germany has brought him one order after another.


The Schröter haulage company is on an expansion course and begins to buy up other haulage companies from the 1960s onwards. Horst Walter Schröter’s reputation in the industry grows.


ZEITFRACHT was founded in 1962. The starting point is the order to transport newspapers and magazines from West Germany to West Berlin. This marks the beginning of the group of companies.


The ZEITFRACHT swing is introduced as a sign of change. The transition from Spedition Schröter to ZEITFRACHT is more than just a name change: the name stands for the idea of tying transport to guaranteed time windows. The motto „Just in Time“ is born.


Horst Walter Schröter has the idea of a private parcel service. Particularly in the area of small-value items, there is an increasing desire to have them transported by forwarders rather than by the post office.


Four years later, the parcel service idea becomes reality. 18 independent companies form a cooperation community and divide up the federal territory according to postcodes. The agreement also includes territorial protection as well as a territorial obligation.

Together they guarantee that every parcel between 2.5 and 20 kilograms handed over to them will be delivered to its destination within 48 hours at the latest.

The community is run by an independent company with its own management. On 1 April, the first private German parcel service, DPD, thus begins its work.


Schröter significantly advances a new development in freight forwarding: the swap body. This invention makes it possible to change the box to be loaded like a container. This gives the customer more time for loading. Downtimes are minimised. To this day, these swap bodies are a centrepiece of the logistics system and are correspondingly standardised and barcode-capable.


The Wall fell in 1989. After German reunification in 1990, Horst Walter Schröter returned to his home town of Stendal. His father’s haulage company, which had been expropriated more than 35 years before, was now VEB Kraftverkehr Stendal, Haldensleben. In 1991 he buys the company back from the Treuhand.


The French Post becomes DPD’s major shareholder with 83.32 percent. The British Royal Mail acquires Dachser’s 10.47 percent share. Of the founding members, only ZEITFRACHT still holds the remaining 6.21 percent at this point.


Dr Wolfram Simon-Schröter takes over the management of ZEITFRACHT as CEO.

In addition, the group of companies takes over 49 percent of the shares in HVT, Haus- und Versorgungstechnik Potsdam.


The ZEITFRACHT Group sells its last founding DPD company shares to the French postal company La Poste.

At the same time, the company expands its logistics division and acquires Döpke Transportlogistik.


The expansion of the logistics division of the ZEITFRACHT Group continues with the acquisition of TLM Transport & Logistik.

In addition, the group of companies enters the new business field of aviation with the acquisition of WDL-Aviation. HVT is also now fully integrated into the ZEITFRACHT Group.


SPESA Spedition is acquired from insolvency and continues to operate as SPESA Zeitfracht Logistik.

In addition, ZEITFRACHT Logistik expands its range of activities with the addition of road feeder services.

In August, the ZEITFRACHT Group takes over OPUS Marine with eight special ships.

As of August, WDL Aviation flies cargo flights with the BAe 146-300QT freighters.


WDL Aviation expands its fleet and acquires its first Embraer E190 in March.


ZEITFRACHT is acquiring LGW (Luftfahrtgesellschaft Walter) from Lufthansa as of 01 April 2019. The fleet includes 17 Dash8 Q400 aircraft.


ZEITFRACHT acquires Germany’s largest book logistics company and book wholesaler Koch, Neff und Volckmar (KNV) on 1 August. All 1,600 employees at the three locations in Erfurt, Leipzig and Stuttgart will be taken over.


The company’s aviation activities will be spun off from the Group under a new brand and henceforth managed independently as German Airways. The two airlines WDL Aviation and LGW will remain legally and economically independent companies.


LGW has to file for insolvency in self-administration. During the Corona pandemic, air traffic also collapsed due to massive travel restrictions. As a result, LGW’s exclusive partner terminated the long-term wet lease contract.


coconad GmbH, a creative agency with a focus on the areas of communication, content and advertising, is now part of the ZEITFRACHT Group. As an expert in the field of e-commerce and online marketing, coconad GmbH advises and supports its clients in the conception of web projects and the implementation of individual webshop solutions, among other things.


The full-service provider First Wise, a third-generation family business, becomes part of the ZEITFRACHT Group. As an intermediary between industry and trade, this supplies more than 1,800 online and retail traders across Europe with electronic products from over 30 brand manufacturers. This also includes the computer and video game accessories of the renowned own brand Speedlink.

In addition to complete fulfilment, First Wise ZEITFRACHT offers its customers a wide range of services from POS solutions to marketing and services.


ZEITFRACHT acquires a stake in the publishing and media company VEMAG. The Cologne-based publishing group employs 180 people at four locations and manages the logistics of several million books per year with the help of its Bergheim high-bay warehouse.


ZEITFRACHT becomes majority shareholder in BuchPartner. The full-service provider for books and media, with its own logistics centre in Darmstadt, manages and supports professional book departments in the retail trade and offers customised space concepts and book ranges for this purpose.


ZEITFRACHT Logistik Holding GmbH successfully places a bond in the over-the-counter market of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange on 5 May. The debut issue, whose final interest rate has been set at 5.00 per cent p.a., has a volume of 25 million euros and a term of 5 years.

The issuer is part of the ZEITFRACHT group of companies and, together with its subsidiaries, forms the logistics sub-group. It is a leading provider in Germany in the field of system and media logistics as well as logistics for electronic products.


The German Children’s Book Prize is launched by Jasmin Schröter, owner of the ZEITFRACHT Group. The prize, which is endowed with 100,000 euros, will be awarded for the first time on 2 October and is intended to anchor the subject of children’s books even more firmly in public perception. The award is given to children’s books aimed at the age group between four and eight years. The selection process includes both an adult jury and a children’s jury, which is made up of two children from each German federal state. The German Children’s Book Prize will be sponsored by Jasmin Schröter every year from now on.


Sauter Feinmechanik GmbH will be taken over by the ZEITFRACHT Group on 1 July 2021. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of mechanical engineering components, the traditional company from Metzingen will provide various ZEITFRACHT companies with expertise and experience.


ADLER Modemärkte AG becomes part of the ZEITFRACHT Group. With effect from 01.09.2021, ZEITFRACHT Logistik Holding GmbH will take over all shares of the fashion company with over 130 shops in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and Switzerland.
Through the takeover, ZEITFRACHT grows by more than 2,600 employees.


From 1993 to 2000, the civil part of the airport was owned by three municipal shareholders: the city of Laage, the district of Rostock and the Hanseatic city of Rostock.
In November 2021, following an expression of interest process, the Zeitfracht Group reached an agreement with the shareholders of Rostock-Laage Airport and acquired the civil part of the airport with effect from 01.01.2022. The fleet of the company-owned German Airways has since been maintained at the Rostock-Laage-Güstrow site.

Get a unique insight into our ZEITFRACHT world – with personal information for partners and customers. Our heroic employees let us share their efforts: Logistics, fulfilment, distribution, merchandising, mobility, home delivery and much more. More than 6.200 employees at 40 locations are committed every day to inspiring you with our individual services worldwide. Get to know our ZEITFRACHT heroes who master every challenge. Fast, flexible and personal. We continuously report on hero stories and exciting background information. You can also follow us on LinkedIn.

Portrait von Kim Rolle

Kim Rolle

„What I like about my job at Zeitfracht is the dynamic working environment and my varied tasks. The wide-ranging group structure allows me to gain insights into a wide variety of industries.
Changes and new challenges constantly broaden my horizons and help me to develop personally and professionally.“

Andre Müller

„We hope for a continued satisfactory cooperation with the same service provided as in the past.“

Adrian Schlossarek

„The work at Zeitfracht ideally complements what I have learned in my degree programme – Social Media Systems. I can apply my knowledge perfectly here and also gain practical experience that will certainly help me in my future career. Delivering the best possible results for our customers is our top priority, and we also have fun in our young, dynamic team.“

Jana Mayer

„Once again it becomes apparent that challenging situations „clear the air“: The priorities are suddenly completely clear. Everyone focuses on the goal and sticks together. On this basis, I was able to convince existing clients and acquisition candidates of our good performance and reliability even during the crisis…“

Marco Plitsch

„Working at the Zeitfracht Group offers exciting challenges. You have the opportunity to contribute and realise your own ideas. It’s great to see how conventional topics such as book retailing or logistics can be accompanied on the path to digitalisation by e-commerce solutions. Especially in these difficult times, e-commerce has become more important than ever.“

Tim Domanski

„We are only strong together.“

Dominique Ziehe

„I experience Zeitfracht as a very dynamic working environment with a great team spirit. For me, working here means being open to new things, enjoying challenges and taking responsibility. Whoever shows commitment with us has opportunities for development in many different directions.“

Nele Bartelt

„Getting the maximum out of existing resources.“

Sotiria Niedziella

„At Zeitfracht I can move a lot, the hierarchies are flat. I approach things every day with high self-motivation, humour, temperament and flexibility. I have relaunched almost all reporting tools and centralised different business models.“

Oliver Beuth

„My tasks at Zeitfracht are varied and full of exciting challenges that need to be solved every day. With my expertise as a Wordpress web developer, I would like to contribute to presenting Zeitfracht on the internet in a modern and versatile way. This is best achieved through good cooperation in a competent team.“

Asmail Dalier

„The cohesion in our company is particularly strong and working in a team is a lot of fun. As a service specialist, I meet new people every day, which makes for a lot of variety. So it’s never boring in my job and you can always expect new, exciting challenges. My goal is to get the most out of every day.“

Heike Wechselbaum-Mennerich

„I meet people with a lot of heart, passion and respect, because if you want to go far, go the distance together with others.“

Waldemar Meglin

„Not simply accepting things, honestly and openly expressing one’s opinion while being constructive, polite and willing to compromise are for me essential factors of a partnership-based internal and external cooperation.“

Patrick Morgenroth

„Working together and working professionally – and of course never forgetting to laugh.“

Katharina Richter

„Since I started working at Zeitfracht, I have learned a lot in the area of financial and logistics accounting and have developed myself further as a result. The many different sectors create a large accounting spectrum. It’s great that there are always new challenges and plenty of opportunities for development.“

Nela Davidovic

„I solve difficulties with the help of my colleagues, because only together are we strong!“

Monique Machalett

„Clear, purposeful and honest communication is the master key to successful interaction with and between people.“

Lisa Ataman

„Always be motivated and communicative. Because if you think negative, you can’t expect positive.“

Magnus Braun

„A good and strong team guarantees safe work processes and full customer satisfaction. Expertise and development are essential for smooth operations and well-functioning work equipment.“

Bianca Onischenko

„At Buchpartner, I enjoy the new installations and conversions the most – seeing the before and after picture is great. The biggest challenge in my job is to satisfy the customer. If you manage to put yourself in the customer’s shoes and respond to their needs, then you’ve won. I love my team because we push each other and are always there for each other. My success statement? There’s no such thing as can’t.“

German Airways is a medium-sized wet lease and charter operator with many years of expertise and experience in the aviation industry. The German Airways fleet consists of five E190s operated by the independent AOC.

Our promise

We take our commitments very seriously: we are determined to do the right thing and maintain trusting relationships with our partners. Ensuring your safety is our top priority at all times. Our ambition is to always provide you with services of the highest standard and to raise our standards even higher whenever and wherever possible. Therefore, we are committed to working with our partners to ensure that passengers receive the best service possible.

We are committed to:

– Personal attention
– Premium quality
– Maximum safety
– 100% flexibility
– Fast solutions
– Simple processes
– High comfort

    The company started out to develop private space technologies for in-space transportation and space robotics as the German contender towards the Google Lunar XPRIZE. In this effort the company developed multiple spacecrafts and lunar rovers as well as a highly reliable space avionics. With winning two of the Google Lunar XPRIZE TM Prize Awards the company managed to proof that long developed technology withstands the harsh environments of space.

    As of today PTS is offering high-performance avionics for spacecrafts to commercial customers and space agencies globally. Their technology has been co-developed with the German Space Agency (DLR) and the European Space Agency (ESA). With the Major Tom space mission we will soon be launching our first satellite build on top our own avionics suite into space.

    Space Technologies

    Our space-grade avionics suite enable highly reliable cost-efficient commercial mission in space

    Engeneering Services

    We assist both private and government clients in building spaceships and getting their mission ready for space

    IoT Logistics

    With the Container Logistics and Asset Monitoring system we developed a highly reliable fleet utilization management solution for land and last-mile services

    Major Tom

    With this mission we will launch the most advanced and capable computer system with high-performance optics into space capturing the experience of a lifetime

      Rostock Laage Airport was opened as a military base in 1978. Since 1993, the fighter squadron 73 Steinhoff has been based there. Civilian joint use was agreed in October 1993. Today, about 37 hectares of the 1,000-hectare site are used for civil air traffic. Due to its excellent location and a 24-hour operating permit, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern’s largest airport has quickly gained in importance. In addition to passenger traffic to German and European holiday destinations and as a feeder for cruises from the Rostock port of Warnemünde, air freight traffic is to become more important there in the future. The short distances at Rostock Airport provide excellent road and rail connections to other regions in Europe. The Zeitfracht Group, for example, is planning to expand into a logistics location with the construction of a new logistics centre. The fleet of the company-owned German Airways has been maintained at the Rostock-Laage-Güstrow site since 2022.

        ZEITFRACHT GmbH is part of the ZEITFRACHT Group, a third-generation family business with more than 6,200 employees. In recent years, ZEITFRACHT has developed into a group of companies with the pillars of logistics and system transport, marine, real estate, technical building equipment and consulting. ZEITFRACHT GmbH provides comprehensive logistics services. The focus is on the areas of bar assortment, publishing delivery, transport, fulfilment and electronics. From our modern logistics centre in Erfurt, for example, we deliver about one fifth of the goods for the German-language book market. The administration is located in Stuttgart-Vaihingen. The company employs around 1,600 people.


        Logistics & Transport

        Your partner for efficient logistics and transport.

        Publishing delivery

        Clever services for publishers.


        Fulfilment in top time: Fast, secure, professional.

        Bar range

        For successful distribution in the book trade.


        Full-service provider in the European electronics industry.

          ZEITFRACHT Logistik has had a firm place in the national and international logistics industry for almost a century. As one of the leading providers in the field of system logistics, the company offers its customers a high-quality and adaptable transport network, which at the same time provides a high degree of flexibility for special customer requirements. With the help of its own state-of-the-art fleet of vehicles and thanks to its more than 400 dedicated employees, ZEITFRACHT coordinates a wide variety of transports more efficiently than almost anyone else in local and long-distance transport. Experience and cost awareness also contribute to the business success of the customers. The ZEITFRACHT Group is a third-generation family business with around 6,200 employees and its headquarters in Berlin. The company is primarily active in logistics, as well as in the areas of aviation, marine, real estate, building services and consulting.


          We offer our partners and customers well thought-out and effective planning through our tour planners. We would be happy to advise you on how to solve your transport problems. In close cooperation, we want to find new ways for people, equipment and IT systems to fulfil our tasks even faster and more efficiently in the future.

          For local transport operations, we provide the equipment and the drivers, so that the customers only have to do the chartering and planning of the tours.

          Our complex transport network and our business model make it possible to develop individual and task-oriented solutions for our customers. In order to meet the special requirements of the European transport market in time-triggered system transport, our organisation is permanently developed and optimised to the latest standards. It goes without saying that we also offer our customers the entire spectrum of general cargo, refrigerated transport and special transport. We always rise to new challenges, whether regional or international.

          The transport of general merchandise is part of the core business of Zeitfracht Logistik. Whether steel, artificial fertiliser, building materials, seeds, machinery, semi-finished and finished goods, paper, packaging materials, beverages, raw materials… there is room for everything on our trucks. Among more than 40 curtainsider semi-trailers, there is always the right one for you. With a payload of 26 t and a volume of 90 m³, you can be sure that every transport will be carried out profitably for you!

          For temperature-sensitive goods such as food – but also for paints and chemicals – 25 refrigerated trucks are available. Our customers appreciate the special cleanliness and the good technical condition of the vehicles. Our quality management ensures that they are fully equipped with partitions, temperature recorders and load securing equipment.

          Of course, we also transport hazardous goods. Our staff is specially trained for this and all trucks are equipped accordingly.

          Because of our special reliability, Zeitfracht Logistik has been entrusted with taking over various plant transports. Our drive and the long list of advantages make us the ideal outsourcing partner. The bases outside Münster have been ensuring service and quality between the transhipment warehouse and consumers for many years.

          With our reliable and punctual service for automotive logistics, you will keep to your production schedules exactly.

          In workshop logistics, you can rely on our entire service package for the design of your supply chain.

          Your company can ship significantly higher quantities thanks to the standardised transport units – more cost-effectively and on time.

          The professional storage of bulk and general cargo is also one of the services offered by Zeitfracht Logistics GmbH.


          With our system transports, we offer you an efficient and cost-effective way to deliver your shipments to any point in Germany.


          We arrange national and international part and full loads within Germany and Europe directly from Berlin.


          Timing is the most important thing in meeting traffic, because the vehicles should arrive at the agreed meeting point at the same time if possible.


          We transport your overseas containers to the European western ports and the German seaports.


          The transport of general merchandise is part of the core business of Zeitfracht Logistik GmbH.


          For temperature-sensitive goods such as food – but also for paints and chemicals – 25 refrigerated trucks are available.


          We transport your hazardous goods in compliance with the legal regulations.


          Our drive and long list of advantages make us the ideal outsourcing partner.


          We offer our partners and customers well thought-out and effective planning through our tour planners. We will be happy to advise you on how to solve your transport problems.


          The professional storage of bulk and general cargo is also one of the services offered by Zeitfracht Logistics GmbH.


              Information pursuant to Sect. 5 German Telemedia Act (TMG)

              Zeitfracht GmbH & Co. KGaA
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              Commercial Register: HRB 225162 B
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              Represented by:
              Board of directors:
              Dr. Wolfram Simon-Schröter (Sprecher)
              Dominik Wiehage
              Thomas Raff
              Beate Schneider

              Supervisory board:
              Thomas Winkelmann (Vorsitzender)
              Thorsten Dirks
              Hans-Gerd Jauch
              Jasmin Schröter

              Chairman, supervisory board:
              Thomas Winkelmann



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              Our host will only process your data to the extent necessary to fulfil its performance obligations and to follow our instructions with respect to such data.

              We are using the following host:

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              Execution of a contract data processing agreement

              In order to guarantee processing in compliance with data protection regulations, we have concluded an order processing contract with our host.

              3. General information and mandatory information

              Data protection

              The operators of this website and its pages take the protection of your personal data very seriously. Hence, we handle your personal data as confidential information and in compliance with the statutory data protection regulations and this Data Protection Declaration.

              Whenever you use this website, a variety of personal information will be collected. Personal data comprises data that can be used to personally identify you. This Data Protection Declaration explains which data we collect as well as the purposes we use this data for. It also explains how, and for which purpose the information is collected.

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              Information about the responsible party (referred to as the “controller” in the GDPR)

              The data processing controller on this website is:

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              The controller is the natural person or legal entity that single-handedly or jointly with others makes decisions as to the purposes of and resources for the processing of personal data (e.g., names, e-mail addresses, etc.).

              Storage duration

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              Designation of a data protection officer as mandated by law

              We have appointed a data protection officer for our company.

              4safety Arbeitsschutz & Betriebssicherheit ∙
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              Information on data transfer to the USA and other non-EU countries

              Among other things, we use tools of companies domiciled in the United States or other from a data protection perspective non-secure non-EU countries. If these tools are active, your personal data may potentially be transferred to these non-EU countries and may be processed there. We must point out that in these countries, a data protection level that is comparable to that in the EU cannot be guaranteed. For instance, U.S. enterprises are under a mandate to release personal data to the security agencies and you as the data subject do not have any litigation options to defend yourself in court. Hence, it cannot be ruled out that U.S. agencies (e.g., the Secret Service) may process, analyze, and permanently archive your personal data for surveillance purposes. We have no control over these processing activities.

              Revocation of your consent to the processing of data

              A wide range of data processing transactions are possible only subject to your express consent. You can also revoke at any time any consent you have already given us. This shall be without prejudice to the lawfulness of any data collection that occurred prior to your revocation.

              Right to object to the collection of data in special cases; right to object to direct advertising (Art. 21 GDPR)



              Right to log a complaint with the competent supervisory agency

              In the event of violations of the GDPR, data subjects are entitled to log a complaint with a supervisory agency, in particular in the member state where they usually maintain their domicile, place of work or at the place where the alleged violation occurred. The right to log a complaint is in effect regardless of any other administrative or court proceedings available as legal recourses.

              Right to data portability

              You have the right to demand that we hand over any data we automatically process on the basis of your consent or in order to fulfil a contract be handed over to you or a third party in a commonly used, machine readable format. If you should demand the direct transfer of the data to another controller, this will be done only if it is technically feasible.

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              Information about, rectification and eradication of data

              Within the scope of the applicable statutory provisions, you have the right to at any time demand information about your archived personal data, their source and recipients as well as the purpose of the processing of your data. You may also have a right to have your data rectified or eradicated. If you have questions about this subject matter or any other questions about personal data, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

              Right to demand processing restrictions

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              • In the event that you should dispute the correctness of your data archived by us, we will usually need some time to verify this claim. During the time that this investigation is ongoing, you have the right to demand that we restrict the processing of your personal data.
              • If the processing of your personal data was/is conducted in an unlawful manner, you have the option to demand the restriction of the processing of your data in lieu of demanding the eradication of this data.
              • If we do not need your personal data any longer and you need it to exercise, defend or claim legal entitlements, you have the right to demand the restriction of the processing of your personal data instead of its eradication.
              • If you have raised an objection pursuant to Art. 21(1) GDPR, your rights and our rights will have to be weighed against each other. As long as it has not been determined whose interests prevail, you have the right to demand a restriction of the processing of your personal data.

              If you have restricted the processing of your personal data, these data – with the exception of their archiving – may be processed only subject to your consent or to claim, exercise or defend legal entitlements or to protect the rights of other natural persons or legal entities or for important public interest reasons cited by the European Union or a member state of the EU.

              Rejection of unsolicited e-mails

              We herewith object to the use of contact information published in conjunction with the mandatory information to be provided in our Site Notice to send us promotional and information material that we have not expressly requested. The operators of this website and its pages reserve the express right to take legal action in the event of the unsolicited sending of promotional information, for instance via SPAM messages.

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              The data sent by you to us via contact requests remain with us until you request us to delete, revoke your consent to the storage or the purpose for the data storage lapses (e.g. after completion of your request). Mandatory statutory provisions - in particular statutory retention periods - remain unaffected.

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              German Airways is a medium-sized wet lease and charter operator with many years of expertise and experience in the aviation industry. The German Airways fleet consists of five E190s operated by the independent AOC.

              Our promise

              We take our commitments very seriously: we are determined to do the right thing and maintain trusting relationships with our partners. Ensuring your safety is our top priority at all times. Our ambition is to always provide you with services of the highest standard and to raise our standards even higher whenever and wherever possible. Therefore, we are committed to working with our partners to ensure that passengers receive the best service possible.

              We are committed to:

              – Personal attention
              – Premium quality
              – Maximum safety
              – 100% flexibility
              – Fast solutions
              – Simple processes
              – High comfort


                OPUS MARINE is a one-stop service provider for the offshore industry and offers a comprehensive range of maritime services. The company owns seven of its own vessels, which sail under the German flag for international partners in the global environment. Thanks to its professional expertise in the offshore wind industry, the German shipping company is one of the market leaders in specialised shipping. Furthermore, OPUS MARINE is also a reliable partner for any kind of marine project management, as well as for floating crane operations, ship salvage and wreck clearance.


                  The full-service provider HVT – Haus- und Versorgungstechnik offers the entire package of supply technology from a single source: heating, ventilation, refrigeration, sanitary and electrical installations including future-oriented advice, planning, installation and maintenance of your systems. For more than 25 years, HVT has been implementing projects of all sizes for private and commercial customers as well as the public sector in the Berlin/Brandenburg region and throughout northern Germany. Homeowners and businesses benefit from competent advice, coordinated processes and from the general responsibility that HVT assumes for all participants in the network. In the Berlin/Brandenburg region, the medium-sized HVT is one of the largest companies in the industry, with around 90 employees and its own apprenticeship training. If you want intelligent, efficient and future-oriented supply technology and prefer fair, transparent conditions, HVT is the right company for you.

                    Welcome to the Investor Relations section of the ZEITFRACHT Group, where you can find out everything you need to know about the Group, sub-groups, structures and gain an insight into various balance sheet reports.

                    To access the Investor Relations section you need your username or password and please click here.

                    ZEITFRACHT Logistik Holding GmbH, a subgroup of the ZEITFRACHT group of companies and strategic parent company of the ZEITFRACHT Logistics Group, has issued a bond with a volume of 25 million euros. The annual interest rate is 5.00% p.a. The bond is listed on the Open Market (Regulated Unofficial Market of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange) in the Quotation Board segment.

                    Detailed information on the bond of ZEITFRACHT Logistik Holding GmbH can be found on this website.

                    Welcome to the career section of the ZEITFRACHT Group

                    The ZEITFRACHT Group is a third-generation family business with more than 6,200 employees and its headquarters in Berlin. As an original logistics service provider, ZEITFRACHT has been firmly established in the national and international logistics industry for over 90 years and is one of the leading providers of system transport in Germany and Europe.

                    In recent years, ZEITFRACHT has developed into a group of
                    companies with the pillars of logistics and system transport, aerospace,
                    marine, real estate, technical building equipment as well as
                    consulting, retail and e-commerce.

                    We are always looking for motivated and committed employees who share our philosophy and want to contribute to the success of the group of companies.

                    Click here to go to the job portal of the ZEITFRACHT Group

                    We are a creative agency with multimedia expertise and cross-sector experience. Our services cover the complete spectrum around social media, e-commerce, content creation and public relations. We design customised strategies that create visibility and demonstrably increase sales with the help of modern solutions. From conceptualisation to project evaluation, we work to meet the individual needs of our clients.

                    Our texts, images and videos always strike a chord with the respective target group. We know how to design content authentically, place it strategically and promote it effectively. Through targeted analyses and constant optimisation, we ensure the sustainable success of our clients.

                      The ADLER fashion chain from the ZEITFRACHT Group operates 130 fashion stores with large sales areas in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg. Mostly own products are offered there, but also third-party brands. The stores also offer an increasingly wide range of non-textile goods or additional services such as DPD parcel stations. Some of the stores also have their own restaurant.

                        Erfurt, 10. Jänner 2022. Zum Jahreswechsel haben CPI als neuer Druckdienstleister und die Zeitfracht GmbH in Erfurt ihre Print on Demand (PoD) Partnerschaft erfolgreich und ohne Produktionsunterbrechung gestartet. CPI, der führende Buchdruckdienstleister Deutschlands, bringt dabei wertvolles Herstellungs-Know-how und die erforderlichen Technologien ein.

                        Die Embraer E190 von German Airways startet in der Bemalung von Lübeck Air. Foto: German Airways Lübeck, Köln/Bonn, 7. Januar 2022 Gerade vor zwei Wochen hat die junge Fluglinie Lübeck Air elf neue Sommerziele veröffentlicht, viele Buchungen sind bereits eingegangen, denn ab 2022

                        Erfurt, 5. Jänner 2022. Weiterer Vertriebserfolg für die Zeitfracht GmbH: Die Thalia Buchhandlungen und ihre Vertriebspartner haben sich langfristig für eine Zusammenarbeit mit dem Zeitfracht Bücherwagendienst entschieden. In Zukunft werden alle Verlagsbeischlüsse von der Zeitfracht transportiert. Dazu gehören auch die Anlieferungen in

                        Die Produktionshallen von Sauter Feinmechanik in Metzingen.Foto: Sauter Feinmechanik GmbH Metzingen, 3. Januar 2022. Die Sauter Feinmechanik GmbH stellt sich im neuen Jahr mit ihren internationalen Aktivitäten neu auf und stärkt dafür den Standort im schwäbischen Metzingen. Der Spezialist für Werkzeugträgersysteme hat

                        Haibach, 3. Januar 2022. Was Viele nicht wissen: Die Adler Modemärkte AG ist auch im Reisegeschäft tätig und organisiert Gruppenreisen zu den Adler Märkten – mit einem ansprechenden Rahmenprogramm, speziellen Rabattaktionen für die Reisenden und Sonderangeboten in den Adler-Restaurants. Dieses Geschäft baut

                        Ein Artikel erschienen auf – manager magazin (, geschrieben von Michael Machatschke. 01/09/2021, ZEITFRACHT-EIGNER Von der Airline bis zum Buchgroßhändler: Der Berliner Logistiker Zeitfracht erwirbt Pleitefirmen in Serie und wächst zum Allerleikonzern heran. Jetzt kommt auch noch die Modekette Adler dazu –

                        Ein Artikel erschienen auf geschrieben von Dr. Michael Dolfen Cologne, 28.01.2021: Led by GÖRG Partner Dr. Michael Dolfen, the Berlin-based Zeitfracht Group has acquired a substantial stake in the Cologne-based publishing group VEMAG Verlags- und Medien Aktiengesellschaft („VEMAG“) from several shareholders.

                        Ein Artikel erschienen im manager magazin geschrieben von Michael Machatschke Der Ex-Banker baut den Logistiker Zeitfracht zu einem Alleskönner um – mit den Methoden eines Firmenjägers. Von den Schwächen des Wolfram Simon-Schröter(40) konnten sich Millionen Menschen im Fernsehen überzeugen. Anfang 2019 trat

                        Ein Artikel erschienen auf mdr.deVon Pia Uffelmann, MDR KULTUR.Ein Jahr nach der Übernahme des insolventen Buchgroßhändlers Koch, Neff & Volckmar GmbH (KNV) durch das Logistikunternehmen Zeitfracht zieht die Branche ein überwiegend positives Fazit. Das ergaben Recherchen von MDR KULTUR. Der größte deutsche

                        Ein Artikel erschienen auf Handelsblatt online geschrieben von Jens Koenen Die Logistikfirma Zeitfracht leidet unter der Coronakrise, die Zukunft der Airline LGW ist offen. Notkredite sind dabei aber erst mal kein Thema. Mitte kommender Woche soll der Wechsel stattfinden. Dann will Wolfram



                        Wolfram Simon-Schröter

                        Dominik Wiehage

                          Heinz Joachim Schöttes
                          +49 (0) 30 – 403 691 721

                          Zeitfracht Unternehmensgruppe
                          Friedrich-Olbricht-Damm 46+48
                          13627 Berlin