The company began developing private space technologies for transportation in space as a German participant in Google’s Lunar XPRIZE competition. To this end, the company developed several award-winning spacecraft and lunar rovers, as well as highly reliable space avionics. In extensive tests, the company was able to prove that the technology it developed could withstand the harsh conditions of space and thus won two highly endowed Milestone Prize Awards from Google.

Today, PTS provides high-performance electronics for spacecraft to commercial customers and space agencies around the world. The technology was developed jointly with the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and the European Space Agency (ESA). With the Major Tom space mission, we will soon launch our first satellite into space based on our own avionics.

Major Tom
With this mission, we will launch the most advanced and powerful computer system with high performance optics into space and capture the experience of a lifetime.
IoT logistics
With the Container Logistics and Asset Monitoring System, we have developed a highly reliable fleet utilization management solution for land and last mile services.
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Aerospace services
We support both private and government customers in building spacecraft and preparing their missions for space.
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Aerospace technology
Our space-qualified avionics suite enables highly reliable and cost-effective commercial missions in space.

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